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Paul B.

Paul B.

Dominion Regular Customer, Ex-Resident now Regular DJ Ex-Playlist Team

founder of Deathrock Ireland, also records noise/martial music under the name GRABSTEIN currently with two albums released on Skulline records
also DJs for
Carousel (Dublin, Resident DJ and founder), the Belfry (Deathrock Radio Florida), Cornucopia (Belfast, guest)
has DJd for
Sonic Temple (dublin, regular), Visage (Dublin), Sindrome (Dublin), Dark Entries (Netherlands), Altar-Nation (IRL), and been a guest DJ in: Purgatory (Limerick), Raygun (Dublin) as well as DJ sets before/after various concerts by Sheep On Drugs, Crüxshadows, David J.

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Paul B.'s dominion video channel

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