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Dominion Information

: Click here to see who's (ir)responsible...

: Dominion is held every Saturday from 9.30pm - 2.30am in:
The Cellar in Murrays Bar, 33-34 O'Connell Street Upper, Dublin 1 [map].

: €3 until 11, afterwards €6 to enter.

: Dominion devotes at least an hour every Saturday to guest DJs, and we would love to hear from you if you would like to play. Fill out this form - include a mobile and as much contact and relevant information as possible {eg. website/myspace/blog url if you wish to be linked to, some details of your background/experience, any clubs/locations you have DJ'd in the past and obviously any details of styles you wish to play}
- also try to chat to Conor on the night {to put a face to the email} as he schedules these things, and he'll try and find you a slot as soon as possible. but we will send you back to this form* if you only contact us directly -

{*the form request is needed/useful because then we have ALL got your details on file, whoever's in charge on the night has your mobile to check if you don't appear in time, the webmaster for announcing you correctly and Conor for scheduling.}

: The regular DJs make a real effort to play as many requests as possible, but please be tolerant. Often we simply do not have the time to play every song we've been asked for, especially near the end of the night. We are also frequently asked for several songs by the same bands and have to make a choice which ones to play, or we simply don't have the song or band you want. You can let us know requests in advance by filling out this form.

: If you look back through our playlists, you can see we have a strong commitment to playing new or less-well-known material, which forms a fair proportion of our first few hours (i.e. when more people are sober and listening!) every Saturday. We welcome people bringing in their own CDs for us to play, but ask you to hand them to us earlier rather than later in the evening. No matter how good a song is we are unlikely to play it if it's ten minutes long and you ask us for it at 2.20am.

: We want everyone who comes to Dominion, just for a visit or on a regular basis, to enjoy their time there. The club has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and problems are thankfully extremely rare. Just a few points to make things easier for everyone:

Please do not go behind the dj decks/enter the cloakroom/get on the stage:
(they are all the one place) unless invited to do so by organisers, as people milling around whilst we're trying to work makes our life a lot harder, the cloakroom becomes pointless if people are able to wander in.
Please do not take any glasses/bottles/pitchers onto the dancefloor:
obvious hazards aside, spills make the floor slippy!
Dominion provides a welcoming evironment for all genders, sexual preferancess, shapes, colours and sizes:
This means that we explicitly welcome members of the LGTBQ community and do not tolerate harrassment or bullying on these (or any other) grounds against anyone.
If you are receiving unwanted attention from someone:
let our doorman Alan know and he'll have a quiet word with them. (If the perp is Alan then just walk away from the door, he's used to rejection),
Fairly obviously, anyone who indulges in antisocial behaviour will be asked to leave:
This includes but is not limited to: constant unwanted pestering of the opposite (or same) sex, violence inside the club, or theft/destruction of personal,club or venue property. Events such as these witnessed by Dominion organisers will lead to the perp being barred.
: Dominion is the longest running and only weekly nightclub in the whole island of Ireland devoted to gothic, industrial, EBM and associated alternative music. Launched in July 1999, we aim to play the best in 80s, 90s and new music from these and related genres in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We have also played host to a number of gothic and industrial bands such as Attrition, The Cruxshadows, Killing Miranda, Chaos Engine, Narcissus Pool, Sneaky Bat Machine, Psychophile, Synthetic, D:V:ANT, Messiah Syndrome, Velvetron, Controlfreak, The Revolutionary Commandos, Stiltwalkers, Zero point Zero and H.EXE. And aftershows attended by Faderhead, Nachtmahr, Modulate and Covenant. Dominion seeks to promote the gothic and industrial scenes in Ireland and world-wide. With this in mind we are always happy to hear from bands, record labels, fanzines and promoters. You can drop us your e-mail address and a message by this form or send promotional material to (PLEASE NOTE NEW ADDRESS!):
Alan Doherty,
356 Clogher Road,
Dublin 12,
Republic of Ireland.