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Are We On Social Network Du Jour

One question we are being increasingly asked by people is:
I sent you X amount of messages on FaceBook/MySpace/Bebo/Friendster etc. and you haven't responded.
our reply of course is:
Dominion doesn't have a FaceBook/MySpace/Bebo/Friendster, if you found one it isn't us!

{to clarify we recently added a fan-page to facebook to make it easier for you all to get newsfeed from us, their is still and never will be a dominion user account to contact or message the club, some organisers may be on facebook, but only using their real name and obviously any messages to them will likely to reach us. but we would all prefer if you can to keep messages to the club via the clubs address or the contact form on the site here, that way we all get sent a copy and its less likely to get lost/delayed, also non-private messages such as promotion suggestions and others we will think of feel free to use the forum}

We are not into the idea of only members of a certain social networking site/service being able to contact us, or members of a particular service getting a different (either better or worse) service from us than non-members, (like for example only xxx service users seeing feedback posted to us on that service), we like equality (whether the information or service is good/bad is less important than open and available to everyone).

Fans/friends/well-wishers have mistakenly decided to set these up (Dominion Profiles/Groups/Networks) on our behalf, and usually eventually get bored stop maintaining or forget the password for them, and most importantly dont send us the messages, give us the accounts, or shut them down when we ask them to. Currently we know of several on each service, some very popular, and some with 0 friends, but we ask you to please de-friend (so as not to mis-lead others to them).

Feel free to politely ask them to close/delete whatever (they are probably un-maintained so there is little point), do not abuse/insult or negatively message the owners/operators, they probably thought any advertising is good but stale/misleading info is worse than none (as we have seen with our own recent outage).

The example previously given here has apparently been kindly removed by the owner, please let us know if you find others elsewhere

This website is the only official source of information about forthcoming events, playlists, DJs etc - if this situation changes it will be announced here first.

Additionally to here we also feed information to any service accepting newsfeeds such as our Official Facebook Fan Page Twitter, Google+Local and mailinglist

Obviously, some of the people involved in the club also have their own personal Facebook/LiveJournal/MySpace etc pages - these are sometimes used to pass on information about upcoming events etc., and can be useful for those who forget/don't have time to check this site regularly, but shouldn't be taken as gospel - as always, check the information against this site if there's any confusion or ambiguity.

At the same time we heartily encourage people to post links to our events and news on their own Facebook/LiveJournal/MySpace (we have even added buttons to make this easier to the site) as this way if/when the information changes the link published will continue to point at the correct information, as opposed to cutting/pasting the information from our page, and thus your readers not recieving updates.

Also, feel free to pass this page on to your friends also (using our handy new shiny social network buttons).

For those people who don't have time to check the website itself every week, or forget to, or whatever, we also have a public RSS feed It additionally does allow feedback commenting by anyone, whether you have an account / OpenID or none - please feel free to comment or ask questions there too, all feedback is appreciated.

Thanks to all the people, past, present and future, who support Dominion and help us remain Ireland's longest-running weekly Goth/EBM/Industrial club - keep it up, and keep visiting