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Numéro Treize

Numéro Treize (No. 13) aka Julien

Dominion Visiting Guest DJ From Switzerland
I started DJing some times ago by playing very raunchy, dirty, noizy, crunchy, loudy and dirty sounds. The more saturated it was, the better it was, german style electro industrial, power noise, rythmic noise and other shite ending in "-noise" and, if possible, with very loud and slow beats.
But over the time I discovered lot's of more "old school", post punk and industrial stuff. And slowly my DJ sets changed their faces to become more and more "dark punk'n'roll". And now when I DJ in a club or after a gig, The Cramps dances alongside with Skinny Puppy, Christian Death, Einsuerzende Neubauten and the UK Subs.
But sometimes,at the ending of the night, when only sweaty zombies are still here, I pick up the old noizy sounds to crush their brains (if they still have any ;-)

since 2007 some of the DJing highlights include, Adam live afterparty, Laibach live afterpary, Sanctuary Partys(CH), Sanctuary Partys - Paris (FR), Halloween Party, Heimathaerde live afterparty, Black Corset party, Pandora II, Night in museum, Punish Yourself, BakXII & CNK live afterpary, G-Dark Party, Punish Yourself, Ambassador 21 & Malakwa live afterparty, Deadly Halloween party, Fetish night, Back to the Batcave!, Les yeux sans visage & Lili Press Release live afterparty, Agent Side Grinder live afterparty, The Cemetary Girlz & Elvira and the bats Live afterparty.

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