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BpuntArt aka Bart Goossens

BpuntArt aka Bart Goossens

Dominion Visiting Guest DJ from Belgium
organiser/promoter of parties(clubs) and concerts with Beati Mortui Events.

He has (co)-organised several gigs by: Crüxshadows, Implant, Dive, Christian Death 1334, Scarlet's Remains, Red Zebra, IC 434, Psy' Aviah, Militia, Swan Death, The Breath Of Life, This Morn'Omina, XMH, Deviant UK.

Resident DJ Beati Mortui since 2006
Guest DJ for: Dead By Dawn(Gent), Bunkerleute(Leuven), Duister Gefluister(Sint-Niklaas), Gothic Festival(Waregem), Nocturna(Gent), Fresh From The Grave(Gent), De Rector(Gent), The Steeple(Waregem), Ojc Kompas(Sint-Niklaas), Las-Caux Dance(Sint-Niklaas), soon dominion(dublin).

Styles played : Wave, Gothic, Electro, Ebm and Industrial

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