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Dominion Special Guest DJ from Tampere Finland for Domionons Redemption Night
Details and contact :

DJ'n since 2005 and so far in six different countries including Greece, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia and Finland.

Resident dj and club promoter/one of the organizers:

*Lumous Gothic Festival / Lumous Club
*Redemption Club
*Dawn Club (2005-2008)
*80's Night

Guest DJ-spots in Finland:

*Club Schatten
*Obsession I
*Two Witches 20 Years Celebration
*Tampere Fetish Factory 2008
*Subculture Club
*Klub Kalma

+other events

Guest DJ-spots in abroad:

*Spookshow (Athens, Greece, 2007)
*Night Side Festival (Prague, Czech Republic, 2007)
*Insomnia vs. Devolution Festival (Mansfield, UK, 2007)
*"In Darkness We Trust" (TW+Pro-jekt tour, UK, 2007)
*Beats From The Vault (Tallinn, EE, 2007)
*Batcave Party (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2008)

"I'm playing electronic percussions and doing fetish liveshow & go-go-dancing in a band called SinMasters. SM combines danceable EBM/industrial music with fetish themes."

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