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LdW aka Stephan Wennekes

Dominion Special Guest DJ from Luxembourg for Dominions Valentines Day Mascara

Details and contact :

"Stephan started DJ-ing at the end of the 80's at the dark hellhole pub where he was a regular. One night the tape recorder gave up and he and some friends started spinning the alternative music of that time like punk/wave and NDW from the DJ boot. The owner asked him to DJ more and so he became resident DJ. He spinned lots of parties, most as DJ Stephan, but that changed when in the Rotterdam Gabber movement came up and another DJ Stephan was DJ-ing at Rave parties. Some bizarre situations happened when some big-eyed gabbers in trainers entered the pub where LdW was mixing things like Bauhaus and The Cure.

Due to the workload of studies, sports and the influence of the wrong woman LdW quit DJ-ing for a while.

In 2001 LdW moved from The Netherlands to Luxembourg to find the local Goth scene in a real Üer-state. (Let's just say that it's putting it mildly for a near death and pathetically lethargic bunch.) Together with other persons he invested heavily in getting the scene going again.

At the moment there are 3 party organizations in Luxembourg who regularly organize parties, on their own or in cooperation with each other. Being one of the most prominent Luxembourg promoters, LdW also got back in the DJ boot. DJ LdW is now resident DJ at the Black In Style and Cyberiads parties and holds a residency in a known club. Furthermore he guest DJs on various parties.

The styles played by LdW are basicly "quer durch"; varying from Oldskool stuff, post punk, X-wave to Harsh EBM/TBM and Industrial. Sometimes he can be caught mixing EDM/IDM, GOA and PsyTrance.

LdW participates in the DUC- DJ Pool and is a tipper for various other Alternative / Underground charts.

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