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Dominion Special Guest DJ from Tampere Finland for Domionons Redemption Night

Details and contact :

Over 600 gigs since 1984; Carnival of Souls Festival (UK), Lumous Gothic Festival 2001-2008 (Finland), Club Schatten (Finland), Dawn Club (2003-2008, Finland), Redemption Club (Finland), Katakombi Death Rock Club (Finland), regular DJ for the famous K17 Club of Berlin (2002-2003, Germany)... and supporting such names as Mortiis, Jimi Tenor, Midnight Configuration...

One of the founders and the main organizers of Lumous Gothic Festival (Finland), well known gothic journalist in Finland (Prospective Magazine, Frantic Magazine, RARE...), the owner of Darklands Records, the founder of Finnish gothic rock pioneer Two Witches and EBM-band SinMasters.

The regular DJ and organizer for the clubs/festivals at the moment:
Lumous Gothic Festival
Lumous Club
Katakombi Death Rock Club
80's Party of Tampere
Redemption Club

Playing as a musician for
*Two Witches (
*SinMasters (
*Double Dare (Bauhaus- coverband)
*Gravehill Paris Witch (with Mr Hautamäki of Two Witches/ Chaos Research
 and ex-Rozz Williams Christian Death/Shadow Project keyboardist Paris)

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