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Venue Licence Issues Currently

Resolution ?

Fire cert has finally been rubber stamped (yet to be processed and properly filed, this should take about a week). But because of this late-licence applications can again be submitted/approved and thus we should have no further interruptions of the night, at least thats what I have been assured by management. (unless something else unforseen goes wrong, yes I'm wary of good news till its final nowdays)

Continuing Issue

The current hold up on the granting of a late licence is dependant on the venue passing a fire inspection and getting a new certification, this has been continually delayed by each time new changes being requested, and when completed and re-inspected, instead of issuing the cert yet more additional changes have been requested again.

This is why so far we have had, the first door added between the toilets and the club (great), later the second door added between the toilets and the club allowing exit only (idiotic) (meaning we have to jam it open to allow re-entry), the repainting of downstairs and the removal of all curtains (good), the removal of the cloackroom rail from the stage (and subsequently no more cloakroom) (bad), and now the addition of a second set of inner doors at the front entrance (bad as it takes a chunk of space out of the club), we're still awaiting the next inspection (and possibly next round of changes).

Needless to say both ourselves and the venue are displeased (to put it mildly) with how ridiculously slow the process has been, and hope you will continue to bear with us, additionally we hope you realize its out of dominion's control entirely

In the meantime some evenings the front door will be closed/locked at 1am, others the venue will risk leaving it open later (i guess based on the likelyhood of a garda check?), either way to ensure admission arrive before 1am, if really needing to get in afterwards you can try comming in via fibbers smoking area, or by calling/texting Alan

original issue

Due To someone f@@@@@g up at the venue they currently have no late licence** (and the courts are closed till september)

Because of this The front doors will be closed from 1pm, after this time entry to the club will be impossible

But because we are in a basement (If we have a Decent Crowd) we can and do continue operating till 2:30, conversly if the night is slow it is not a risk worth taking to continue past 1am

We hope you bear with us during this time (till the courts re-open in september)

FYI 8 nights thus far, only 3 considered 'slow' enough to close at 1am

NB. If you are a Law enforcement Officer/Gardai/Judge/etc. this entire page is lies and falsehood and the venue would never consent to allowing us to run a 'lock in'.

** in ireland a special licence is neccissary to continue past 12:30 till 2:30