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10 years running Birthday night - Dominion X 11th of Jul 2009, DJs Greg Sheaf And Steve Malone And Orla And Conor

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10 years running Birthday night flyer

The Dominion Crew are very pleased to announce that we will be celebrating the club's 10th birthday on Saturday the 11th of July.

As Ireland's longest-running weekly club for goth, industrial and EBM music, we're very proud to still be going after all this time, every single Saturday (with one or two teensy interruptions) since July 1999.

Like any club, Dominion wouldn't be the same (or indeed still in existence) without YOU, the club-goers, and to say thank you admission will be FREE, so even in the midst of recession you have no excuse not to come out and to help us celebrate being all grown-up (or something like that).

But please remember we are always struggling to keep afloat so come early and stay late so everyone {including the venue bar sales figures} has a good night. {even if you don't drink the earlier you come the earlier other people will too}

Also, there will be cake! Or death! Hopefully not both, that'd just get messy. We can't guarantee jelly and ice cream, and we're not responsible for any cleaning bills, but there probably *will* be cake. And possibly balloons! (Clowns and/or strippers are entirely optional, depending on the individuals attending ;P).

On the decks will be one of the people responsible for starting the whole thing, DJ Greg, ably assisted by resident DJs past and present (namely Orla, Stevem and Conor), spinning our usual eclectic mix of Goth, EBM, Industrial, Electro, and Alternative tunes.

So, whether you're one of the regulars, an occasional visitor, or a first-timer who's just heard about us and are feeling curious, come out and help us celebrate our first 10 years - it's going to be a good one, so you won't want to miss it.

Did we mention there'd be cake?

Please come early and help support your scene.
Dominion Event Link:


DJ Conor 9:30 - 10:00

Fad Gadget - Love Parasite
Helium Vola - Selig
Camouflage - The Perfect Key
Depeche Mode - Precious
Deine Lakaien - Reincarnation
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field
The Cure - How Beautiful You Are
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dear Prudence

DJ Orla 10:00 - 10:30

L'âme Immortelle - Lost
Distorted Reality - Never Change
Kirlian Camera - Nefertiti One
Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy - Maranatha (Come Lord)
Girls Under Glass - Ohne Dich

DJ Steve Malone 10:30 - 11:00

Head And Leg - Poke You In The Eye
Clan Of Xymox - A Day
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field
Icon Of Coil - Shallow Nation
Atrocity - Der Mussolini
The Chameleons - Swamp Thing

DJ Greg Sheaf 11:00 - 11:45

Ashbury Heights - Bare Your Teeth
IAMX - The Alternative
Rammstein - Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
Cradle Of Filth - No Time To Cry
Nine Inch Nails - Sin (R)
Angelspit - 100%
Das Ich - Destillat
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
Placebo - Every You Every Me
Razed In Black - Oh My Goth! (R)
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind?
The Faces Of Sarah - All That Is Divine

DJ Steve Malone 11:45 - 12:30

Tumor - Come To Daddy
The Horatii - She Bikini
Virgin Prunes - Baby Turns Blue
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Spellbound
Covenant - Dead Stars
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-Stop Violence
Fields Of The Nephilim - Moonchild
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - Jollity Farm

DJ Orla 12:30 - 1:15

The Young Gods - Did You Miss Me?
And One - Panzermensch
Die Krupps - Fatherland
Front 242 - Headhunter (V3.0)
Suicide Commando - Consume Your Vengeance
Combichrist - This Sh*t Will Fcuk You Up
Soman - Tears (Featuring Lahannya)
Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
Type O Negative - Christian Woman
The Mission (R) - Tower Of Strength

DJ Conor 1:15 - 2:00

Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Homage)
And One - Body Company (R)
Assemblage 23 - Let The Wind Erase Me
Android Lust (R) - The Want
Noisuf-X - Orgasm
Faderhead - TZDV
God Module - The Source
Aesthetic Perfection - The Great Depression
Combichrist - Electrohead

DJ Greg Sheaf 2:00 - 2:30

Alice Cooper - Poison
Rob Zombie - Dragula
XPQ-21 - White And Alive
Rammstein - Sonne
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat