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Things To Do In Dublin When you're Goth

Things To Do In Dublin When You're Goth

in addition to Dominion's link page here's a few things to do in Dublin of a goth-friendly nature together with accomodation, restaurant suggestions etc, mainly compiled by Dominion's industrious DJ Orla.

Goth Clubbing

 - The Cellar, Murrays Bar, 33-34 O'Connell Street Upper, Dublin 1: Ireland's only weekly goth industrial ebm alternative club

Other Alternative "Bar/Nightclubs"

Fibber Magees aka Fibbers
 - Parnell St. Ground Floor and Basement - metal bar with jukebox, pool table, smoking area and live bands at weekends. Downstairs, the music is your average rock alternative (Pixies, Korn, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins etc.), some metal and a small sprinkling of goth, basically Sisters & Joy Division and you'd be be lucky to get much else. That said, when we had our brief stint there EBM went down a treat. The bar is open all day from God knows when until 2 am every night of the week. Though be warned, it isn't the most salubrious pub in the world... Friday is Metal Night. new website:
 - after the pub closes and the gig ends, the venue become a club. We think it's indie on a Sat night but we're not sure!

Goth Friendly Pubs

Check this website for locations etc.

The Neptune
 - (basement of the Flowing Tide) on Abbey St, Dublin 1 (has a jukebox)
 - off Grafton St, Dublin 2 (Downstairs metal one side, general on the other)
The Porterhouse
 - on Parliament St, Dublin 2
 - on Dame St, (downstairs has a jukebox)
The Oak
 - on Dame St, Dublin 2
The Foggy Dew
 - on Dame St. Dublin 2
The Longstone
 - Pearse St. Dublin 2
Eamon Dorans
 - Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
 - South Great George's St, Dublin 2
 - South William St., Dublin 2
The Stag's Head
 - in Dame Court (off Dame Street)
International Bar
 - has comedy nights from time to time.
 - on Camden Street
 - on Wexford Street. Studenty - music - Ska, Indie, Electro and even some Goth.
Camden Palace
 - Wexford St, nice pool hall upstairs. Full bar, American tables, Bar plays music usually, can be anything from Pixies to DJ Shadow

They were/are the locals for most of us at various stages plus there's a few others.

Goth Shopping

After Dark
 - 4 Upper Fownes St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 (Beside Central Bank, above Flip). alternative shop!
 - 16 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1 [MySpace]
 - 3 Crow Street, (Beside the back of the Foggy Dew) Temple Bar, Dublin 2. 01 6336965 {newest clothes shop If you're into rockabilly / psychobilly /horror /zombies, they have t-shirts, jackets, workshirts, buckles, necklaces, dresses, skirts, patches and other such stuff.} [MySpace]
 - top of St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. Mostly geared for the spooky kids, but has leather trousers and can at times get some nice tops, skirts and dresses
George's Arcade
 - South Great George's St - has all sorts of knicknacks... The Old Pine-(candles & so forth), retro stuff, records & CD stalls, book stalls etc. Made to design jewellery and lots of other stuff... Jenny Vander (vintage stuff) has moved across the road.
Sé-Sí Progressive
 - 11 Fownes Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 - retro but can get some gems.
The Nile
 - Egyptian stall also on the top floor of St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.
 - Crown Alley, Temple Bar.
 - loads of them - Henry St, Liffey St, Grafton St - for your New Rocks & Docs plus others.
 - O'Connell St & Jervis St Shopping Centre - also for boots & shoes.
Miss Fantasia
 - 25 South William Street, Dublin 2. Tel: (01) 6713734 - for your pvc & rubber gear.
Ann Summers
 - O'Connell St, Dublin 1 - for the upmarket fetishy female wear.
 - Capel St, Dublin 1 - another "adult" shop.
House of Astrology
 - Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Tel: (01) 6793404. New Age type - sells incense, books, crystals and will do astrology charts
Sub City
 - Exchequer St, Dublin 2. Tel: (01) 6771902 - comics
Forbidden Planet
 - Crampton Quay, Dublin 1. Tel: (01) 6710688 - comics, figures, sf books etc.
 - (low-life) fashion boutique shops eg the ones on Liffey St Lwr - great for getting bits and pieces like lacy tops...
Charity shops
 - these are dotted everywhere.
Hale Satin
 - online only

There's more on the netgoth map, including piercing, tattoo & record shops etc We can recommend Celestial Ring now named Wildcat Ink for piercing and tats

Main Shopping Areas

Grafton St
 - has dept stores & boutiques etc.
Henry St
 - has dept stores & boutiques etc.
O'Connell St
 - has Clery's Dept Store, Penny's Dept Store, Ann Summers, Easons bookshop.
and all of the side roads off each
 - in particularly Grafton St, eg Wicklow St., Exchequer St., South Great George's St., Nassau St., Suffolk St., South William St. etc.
Side roads off Henry St
 - Mary St., Parnell St., Jervis St., Liffey St. Lower and then up to the Quays and onto Temple Bar via The Ha'penny Bridge onto Merchants Quay or the new Millennium Bridge.
And of course Temple Bar area
 - itself has shops, {from Haute Couture to bric-a-brac}, There are also open air markets at the weekend, with book and record stalls, and a lovely food market.stalls, eateries, tourist places, art houses & galleries criss-crossing the whole area.

Both shopping areas are easily crossed and shopping both sides can be done in a day.

Shopping Centres (City Centre)

St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre
Powerscourt Townhouse
 - (upmarket)
Jervis St Shopping Centre
 - has dept & boutiques stores etc.
Ilac Shopping Centre
 - has dept stores etc. Being redeveloped.
George's Arcade
 - bohemian type. Recommended!
GPO Arcade
 - (on the decline, off Henry St)
Westbury Mall
 - (upmarket) (off Grafton St)
Royal Hibernian Way
 - (off Grafton St)

Record Shops

Tower Records
 - Wicklow St, Dublin 2 (01) 6713250 for "new" and old goth stuff... They have a goth-industrial-experimental section, but it is small and {kind of} very expensive. Also check the Rock A-Z as sometimes there's a few cds not in the goth section. Also Tower Records, in Easons, O'Connell St, Dublin 1 (01) 8786680 but there is no dedicated Goth/industrial section.
HMV Stores
 - 18 Henry St, Dublin 1 (01) 8722095 or 65 Grafton St, Dublin 2 (01) 6795334

And basically any of the following sell new and second hand, you might pick up the odd thing....

Abbey Discs
 - Liffey St Lr, Dublin 1 (01) 8733733
Chapters Musicstore
 - 108/109 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1 (01) 8730484. Downstairs is a pretty good bookshop.
Secret Book and Record Store
 - Wicklow St, Dublin 2
Record Collector
 - Basement 30 Wicklow St, Dublin 2 (01) 6791909
Borderline Music
 - 17 Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Rhythm Records
 - Aston Quay, Dublin 2
Freebird Records
 - 1 Eden Quay, Dublin 1 (01) 8731250
Smile Records
 - 59 South Gt Georges St, Dublin 2 (01) 4782005
Final Vinyl
 - 40A Camden St, Dublin 2 (01) 4758826
City Discs
 - The Granary, Unit 2 Temple Bar Lane South, Dublin 2 (01) 6330066
Mojos Records
 - Temple Bar, Dublin 2 (01) 6727905
Purple Moon Records
 - 7 Crow St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 (01) 6777349
Road Records
 - 16b Fade St, Dublin 2 (01) 6717340
Spindizzy Records
 - 32 Georges St Arcade, Dublin 2 (01) 6711711
 - 47 Nassau St, Dublin 2, (01) 6771940 - it's metaltastic!


Try the Golden Pages for Hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses Hotels etc - cost varies between location and quality. An average is about €90 per night.

More links

Actual Hotels etc

Tourist Stuff

Get a good map (there are free ones available at the airport) and go to the Tourist centre in St, Andrews Church, Suffolk St

If you've time pick places to go and see and visit some of the tourist places such as Glasnevin Cemetery, Howth Head etc, Dublinia, St Patrick's Cathedral, Christchurch Cathedral, Kilmainham Gaol etc.

Hidden Dublin Tours
 - help people explore the real Dublin on foot learning about the characters, mysteries and histories of this thousand year old city, accros a variety of historical periods and unique locations frequented only them.
The Guinness Storehouse
 - in Dublin is open to the public It's a slightly dodgy area, so make sure you are streetwise and not to have any cameras on display etc.
Jameson's Distillery
 - Another to see, if anyone is interested in Whiskey

There's also museums (history and art - modern and old), art galleries, Chester Beatty Library and Book Of Kells in Trinity College and such like dotted around the city if people are so inclined.

If you have time and are taking a few days off and hiring a car, you should go down to Co. Wicklow to see Glendalough and up to Co. Meath to see the infamous Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth prehistoric sites (older than the Pyramids in Egypt) and the Hill Of Tara. Also if there's time down travel futher and west to Co. Cork to see the Blarney Stone, Rock of Cashel and all the touristy places.

A lot of the info for them would be on the tourist sites below:


Taxis - Depends on where the pick up and destination are. There is no tip unless you want to give one. Ask for the full change back.

Dublin Bus
 - (Tramline)
 - (Dublin Area Rapid Transport)
Iarnrod Eireann
Bus Eireann
 - (provincial buses)


For Veggies - most offer a vegetarian option. Two particular vegetarian places are:

 - 19 Wicklow St.
 - 4 Aungier St.

We have the usual McDonalds, Pizza places, Burger Kings and other fast food places etc etc. Starbucks recently opened up here on Dame St.

We also have plenty of Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Mexican, Trad Irish restaurant etc & a Mongolian Banquet which is particularly good along with the normal café types.

So ye shouldn't starve ;) The menus and prices are normally displayed outside.

Theatre & Culture
 - (shares the venue or space facility & architecture with the Ambassador yet its completely independent)

The Olympia theatre owned by MCD also does put on a few plays.

Other Music Centres and Festivals
 - National Concert Hall
 - (Concerts in Nov & April)
 - St Patrick's Day Festival
 - (in Cork, funnily enough)

The main Music Promoters

Some Music Venues

Temple Bar Music Centre
Vicar Street
The Villlage
The O2 {ex Point Theatre}

General Entertainment for Gigs, Cinema etc

Ticket Sales

Some venues do have their own box office - some don't. Best check yourselves! Naturally if they have a box office will be slightly lots cheaper than Ticketmaster but then you have to be at the venue or on the phone and not sure where seating is (if seating is available).
 - also have outlets in some shops and shopping areas - for gigs & festivals - Oxegen, Electric Picnic, Heinken, Bud Rising and more!
 - for smaller gigs.
 - for small plays.
 - 47 Nassau St, Dublin 2, (01) 6771940. Beside Subway. They are a Ticketmaster agent, but do sell pre-printed tickets and do allow one to do pay in instalments and at a cheaper service charge.
Road Records
 - Fade St.
City Discs
 - The Granary, Unit 2 Temple Bar Lane South, Dublin 2 (01) 6330066

Music Festivals (Non Goth)

Electric Picnic
DEAF Festival
 - Dublin Electronic Arts -

Dance & Other Arts


 - Irish Film Institute (arthouse type) but has a nice bar & serves food.
 - Irish Film & Television Network
 - Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
 - Irish Film Board

Alternative (Indie & Rock) Radio Stations

Well more in particular shows as all the stations play questionable stuff from time to time.

 - The legendary Dave Fanning Mon-Thu 7pm-9pm Sat 2pm-4pm
Phantom FM
 - Spiral Stares
Today FM
 - but specifically Tom Dunne [MySpace]. Tom is on the ball. Old site is Mon - Thurs 7 - 10pm

Other stations/sites