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Dominion 25th January 2003, DJs Sebzy And Orla


Guest DJ Sebzy 10:00 - 10:30

Mephisto Walz - Eternal Deep
Bauhaus - Slice Of Life
Skinny Puppy (R) - Killing Game
The Mission - Butterfly On A Wheel
New Model Army - Bury The Hatchet
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
Public Image Limited - This Is Not A Love Song

DJ Orla 10:30 - 11:30

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - O'Malley's Bar
David J. - The Dope Show
Elastica - ?
Die Krupps - Fatherland
Fields Of The Nephilim - Reanimator
Garbage - Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
Björk - Army Of Me
Suspiria - Olympian In Ivory
The Merry Thoughts - Boy Sinister
Midnight Configuration - No Real Mercy
The Sisterhood - Jihad
The Cure - Killing An Arab

Guest DJ Sebzy 11:30 - 1:15

Rammstein - Engel
Fear Factory - Cars
The Sisters Of Mercy - Under The Gun (Remix)
Joy Division - ?
Billy Idol - White Wedding
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
Nine Inch Nails - Closer (R)
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
The Cure - Close To Me
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Israel
Skeletal Family - So Sure
And One - Metalhammer
1000 Homo DJs - Better Ways
Covenant - Dead Stars
:Wumpscut: - Mother (Suicide Commando Remix)
VNV Nation - Darkangel
Apoptygma Berzerk (R) - Kathy's Song (VNV Nation Remix)
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
The Sisters Of Mercy - Under The Gun
Rammstein - Du Hast
The Mission (R) - Amelia
New Model Army - Stupid Questions

DJ Orla 1:15 - 2:30

Fields Of The Nephilim - Chord Of Souls (R)
Therion - The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah (R)
The Creatures - Right Now (R)
ohGr - pore (R)
The Prodigy - Mindfields
Skinny Puppy - Smothered Hope (R)
The Smashing Pumpkins - Stand Inside Your Love (R)
45 Grave - Surf Bat (R)
The Damned - New Rose
Christian Death (R) - Face
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat (R)
Clan Of Xymox - Jasmine And Rose (R)
The Sisters Of Mercy (R) - Amphetamine Logic
The March Violets - Religious As Hell (R)
Danielle Dax - Big Hollow Man (R)
Project Pitchfork - Souls (R)
Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (R)
Mozart - Lacrimosa (From Requiem In D Minor)
Craig Armstrong - Hanging/Escape (Plunkett And MacLeane OST)