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Closed for Cornucopia's 10th Anniversary - Dominion goes to Belfast (kind of) 22nd October 2011

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Cornucopia's 10th Anniversary

On October 22nd, Cornucopia will be celebrating its 10th year as Belfast's premier and longest-running regular club for Goth, Industrial, 80s, Darkwave and "stuff".

We'd like to encourage as many people as possible to make the journey to Belfast for this occasion, and give Cornucopia the recognition and support it deserves on its 10th anniversary.

As such, Dominion will be taking a very short (one night) break on the 22nd, so that all the people (they know who they are) who've been saying "well, I've been meaning to, but never got around to it, and Dominion's closer, etc etc..."...will now have no excuse. :P

Anybody who's been involved in Dominion or other clubs in the scene over the years knows how hard it can be to keep a goth/industrial club running on a regular basis anywhere in Ireland, so go on up and show Disc Mistress Tracey your support and appreciation.

We expect a fair proportion of the Dublin crowd to be going anyway, so we'd like to encourage anybody who's undecided to join in the merriment and madness...among the guest DJs on the night are Dominion's own Paul B., as well as Dominion regular and promoter par excellence Agro Fi, and with live performances from Devilish Presley and Alibitrax it promises to be a very good night indeed.

Buses from Dublin to Belfast (and back) are frequent(hourly) pretty cheap(22.00 : Adult Rtn) and run almost 24 hours, so even if you're unsure about staying the night in Belfast you can bus it up, get a bus back after the club, and probably be back home in Dublin not much later than you usually would be after Dominion. :P

for those thinking about staying they have an accomodation guide but only for those with facebook.

Dominion isn't organising any official bus/coach parties etc, but somebody might well be, so ask around.

Don't worry, if you don't manage to make it, and miss your Dominion fix, we'll will be back on October 29th, same bat-time, same bat-channel, with some Halloween-y spookiness for your pleasure...stay tuned for more details.

Please come along and help support your scene.

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Dominion was cancelled this night so nothing to see here, move along - Kitty